Not Your Ordinary Legal Translator

I studied poetry at the University of California-Davis, graduating with a B.A. in English and dreams of working in publishing.  After 5 years during which I held various jobs and traveled in Europe, I went to law school (UCD again) and graduated with vague ideas of working in international women's rights.  I moved to Paris after taking the California Bar exam but it was 1988--the Maastricht Treaty and all the changes it engendered, as well as protection from sexual harassment under French law, were but gleams in a few people's eyes. The French lawyers I met said, "go home, we don't do that here," or "you have to start over and get a French law degree." I did neither. Instead, I helped run a special effects/industrial design company, taught English, and worked as a translator, both salaried and freelance, until 1999, when a phone call changed my life.

Naomi Norberg translator