Having worked in American and international legal practice and done extensive research and writing in comparative law, I am not your ordinary legal translator. My knowledge of American, French, European Union, and international public (human rights) and private (trade) law enables me to spot inconsistencies or sloppy drafting/editing in the original documents and point them out to you, not just gloss over them. If you are the author, I'll query you directly regarding ambiguous text; if not, I'll let you know the alternative interpretations ambiguous text might have and/or suggest what the French text should say, but doesn't. 

For detailed information on how to obtain the results you want from a legal translation, see the guide published by the Consortium for Language Access in the Courts (

Let me put my education and experience to work for you!

A few examples of the kinds of things I translate:

  • pleadings (litigation involving chemical patents, IT patents, appeals of administrative decisions, contract disputes, etc.); 
  • judgments; 
  • contracts (insurance, sales, service, lease);
  • reports related to development and public-health projects (e.g., environmental and social impact of infrastructure projects, vaccination campaign results, strategies to fight cholera in urban settings);
  • e-learning materials for the European Union's CEIFAC (European College of Financial Investigations and Analysis of Financial Crime) at the University of Strasbourg;
  • contributions to cultural events by writers and social scientists (including a neurologist, a geographer, educators, and philosophers);
  • bids for European research projects and French procurement contracts
  • websites for a cultural center and a performing arts/circus arts laboratory.

For proofing, editing, drafting and general language assistance IN FRENCH: see