Not Your Ordinary Legal Translator

I studied poetry at the University of California-Davis, graduating with a B.A. in English and dreams of working in publishing.  After 5 years during which I held various jobs and traveled in Europe, I went to law school (UCD again) and graduated with vague ideas of working in international women's rights.  I moved to Paris after taking the California Bar exam but it was 1988--the Maastricht Treaty and all the changes it engendered, as well as protection from sexual harassment under French law, were but gleams in a few people's eyes. The French lawyers I met said, "go home, we don't do that here," or "you have to start over and get a French law degree." I did neither. Instead, I helped run a special effects/industrial design company, taught English, and worked as a translator, both salaried and freelance, until 1999, when a phone call changed my life.

Naomi Norberg translator


In short, I translated my first book, Towards a Truly Common Law by Mireille Delmas-Marty, and entered the LLM program in comparative criminal law she had founded at the University of Paris I. I went on to earn my doctorate in international and comparative law (more specifically, antiterrorism measures and human rights) under her direction while working as her research assistant and coordinator of the Franco-American Réseau ID (internationalization of law network) at the Collège de France. A member of the American Translators Association, La Société française des traducteurs, the Northern California Translators Association, and the State Bar of California, A full-time freelance translator since 2009, my days are filled with Funktionslust (pleasure taken in what one does).

Why Northmountain? It's English for Norberg!